Staying Organized

Your schedule and approach at the start are the nuts and bolts of organizing any project and a wedding plan is one of the most intense and personal projects you will ever work on!

Start the wedding project off with a realistic budget—just like any other project must begin—and then brainstorm the dreams that each of you have for your wedding. The first such list of ideas should be made without worrying about the budget; next, after you both have made that dream list, listened to each other discussing them, and validated each other’s feelings, some things out of that list will stand out to you as a couple and as individuals. Those are the ones to focus attention, time, and funds.

Over the course of planning the wedding, some plans will change, some will be discarded, some will come to fruition just like you dreamed!

Respect each other’s deeply held dreams. Validate your partner’s ideas, because letting go of those ideas that are not practical or within the budget is a lot easier when a person feels listened to. Often, going through this process is a great method to fit dreams into reality and budgets, because as you discuss them, compromises and new approaches to old ideas might emerge that are better than the old.

Another important aspect of wedding plans and dreams is finding the right balance between the things that will be special at the moment of the wedding and what will carry on as special for the marriage. Sometimes couples spend a lot of time and money on things for their wedding that have little lasting impact for memories or married life. Custom wedding songs are a great way to balance both the now and then of wedding and marriage.

A custom wedding song that is crafted on the information and details of the couple in a musical style that resonates will not only be a very special moment on the wedding day, but will carry its importance into the life of the marriage. Imagine what it would mean to look back on your wedding day listening to a song made especially for you, based on your interests, lives, and experiences. The enrichment of that custom song crafted around your own relationship will live on with you into the decades and increase in meaning for you with every year.

This will happen when the song is based on individual interviews with you as a couple, and written and composed for you by sensitive and insightful lyricists and composers!